How the Covid 19 virus is effecting us

Dear all

Here in Tavistock, we are pleased to say that although it has been quite a challenging time for us, not having experienced anything like this on this scale before, that the good news is that we are Covid 19 free. We are fortunate that here in the West Country, we have the lowest levels of sickness due to this virus, compared to any other part of the Country.  Zoe, our Manager,  is very much on top of things in the home.  

We follow government guidelines for our sector having upgraded our practices to suit. We have been taking isolation measures where appropriate and restricting entrance into the home to all visitors, bar those who provide essential professional services.
We have all the PPE equipment we need and have access to more from specially organised Government supplies, so no worries there. The staff have been great, all pulling together with a cheerful and positive attitude. As the general situation in the country improves, we are hopeful we can come through without any cases. Those coming back from hospital are isolated for a period (very boring for them of course) until we know they are not showing any symptoms.
We very much look forward to the time when we can welcome all back into our home as we miss you all, as it is very much a partnership between residents staff and relations.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the home soon.

Andrew Maclean