Crelake House 

How we intend to improve our service

Following our own internal audits and external audits by the Statutory Services, a number of concerns have been identified regarding the delivery of the care we provide here at Crelake Residential Home.  We have drawn up an action plan that has been agreed by the relevant Statutory Services, a summary of which follows:

 Improve the quality of reporting of accidents/incidents, both internally and to the relevant Statutory Services.

 Improving the quality, completion and updating of care plans.

 Improving our own levels of staff, to avoid excessive use of agency, ensuring staff levels are sufficient and suitable for resident needs.

 Completion of staff processes to ensure we only employ suitable staff, who understand what is required of them and have a co-operating attitude.

 Improvement to quality assurance systems to ensure management are aware of issues and  trends.

 Improve safety aspects of outside areas, where residents walk out of the lounge and round the pathways to the rear, to include CCTV monitoring, to detect any fall incident quickly.

 Improve Best Interests safeguards, particularly where a deprivation of liberty application to the local authority is needed.  Undertake staff training, where necessary to improve our understanding of this.

 Ensure equipment is in good working order by checks and monitoring.

We are able to report that work has been started on all aspects of these improvements and will update this notice when items are completed or significant progress made.

Andrew Maclean




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