Crelake House 

How we have improved our service

Following external audits by the Statutory Services, earlier in the year, which highlighted a number of concerns regarding the delivery of the care we provide here at Crelake, we have been busy making many improvements, that not only satisfy what is required of us, but further improve the facilities we offer to our residents. 


We have refreshed our staffing to ensure we only employ those who share our values and goals.  In particular, Zoe has now been confirmed as the new Manager.  She in turn has recruited Elaine, who joins us in a new role - Head Senior.  Elaine has a wealth of experience gained from her nursing home background and works closely with Zoe.  We have now benefited from this capable management team and the following changes have been implemented:


 Improved quality of reporting of accidents/incidents, both internally and to the relevant Statutory Services.

 Improved quality, completion and updating of care plans.

 Improved our levels of staff, to avoid excessive use of agency, ensuring staff levels are sufficient and suitable for resident needs.

 Improving quality assurance systems to ensure management are aware of issues and  trends.

 Improved safety aspects of outside areas, where residents walk out of the lounge and round the pathways to the rear, to include new handrails, CCTV monitoring, which allows staff detect any fall or incident quickly.

 Improved best Interests safeguarding, particularly where an application to the local authority is needed.  Staff training is now ongoing to improve this.


In addition, we have taken on Natalie, to create a new role of Well-being Coordinator.  She is in addition to ordinary staff levels and is concentrating on getting to know the residents, in particular, their interests and hobbies.  She is doing well in this and the residents are already seeing the benefit of her input in the home.  She has implemented a new activities board in the hallway of the home, so the days activities are known in advance - see the "what we have been up to" page. 

Other projects

Zoe has also been working hard on new projects for the home, including a new staff room, a "pub" and a "post office"  Photos to follow in due course.

CQC will not return till January and so unfortunately none of the above will be reflected by them till then.

Andrew Maclean




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