January 2022

Dear M...... & A......& Z.......

Thank you for the presents you gave me yesterday.  They are all items that I like, so you chose well.   Thank you also for your gifts to J.....  who clearly enjoyed yesterday.   Thanks also to the staff who worked to make the day a success.

Best wishes J.......

(There was also a favourable comment about the turkey being cooked perfectly!)

December 2021

Dear B.... 

I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for helping my mum send me a Christmas Card. 

You cannot know how special that was for me.  Thank you for all the Staff for their efforts this year.  I am sure it has been a difficult and sometimes a very trying year, but we do appreciate all you do.

Hopefully I will be able to meet you all in the not too distant future.

Hope you all have a very Happu Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

Best Wishes 


July 2021 

Dear all my friends at Crelake.

Sorry I have not been in touch before now.  I have got an infection in both my legs.  I feel sad as I had done so well when I was with you.   Thank you for all the kindness you all showed me and all the care.

I missed you all very much when I arrived home.

As soon as I can go out, I will call to see you all.

I loved all my meals - I have made the sausage casserole a few times.  I still enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner.

Thank you all once again.  I love you all.

- P------



April 2019


I don't  want freedom, I don't want to be lost

It happened.  I did not want it to happen, but it did.

I was free of worry, of care.

But carrying such memories of love, 

so I have a freedom to do whatever I want.

I could be alone and lost, but I am not.

I am in Crelake.

My blood family live far away.

My Crelake family however, are here.

I am free within this framework of care.

Living the dream at, at seventy three.

(c) -  Paul Fletcher 2019    (Crelake resident)

February 2019

I thank you here at Crelake Care for all you've done for me.
I was a burden on you all, that I clearly see.  This is very true.
You've put up with my funny ways, but that is what you do.
I am an oddish person who does not mix at all.
You've never pushed me very hard, to join and have a ball.
I thank you all for caring, I'll swear that this is true,
It's what you are really good at, because it's what you do.
- E

Autumn 2018

Thank you so much for the amazing care you gave to our Dad.  It was over and beyond and his final years were safe warm and comfortable.  (And indulged!)

- S,  B,  G,  J

Ps. Our special thanks to Elaine, who has been wonderful in the past weeks.

I want to thank you all so very, very much for the care, kindness and generosity you have shown to my mother over the last few years.  Especially, I want to say thanks for her last few weeks, when your kindness, to both of us was beyond anything I could have expected.  

Zoe, I shall never forget you, being there at midnight, when I arrived exhausted from Lagos.  Elaine, thank you for your tender kindness, for listening and mopping up the tears.  Amy, always found time for a gentle conversation.  Chloe, I cannot thank you enough for the kindness that you showed my mother, along side the little acts of care.  Stuart and Kelsie, you looked after my mother with tender skill.  Natalie, too, thank you.   I will never forget you.  -  B

Staff have been really good at keeping me informed about my mum's ongoing condition.  Mum enjoys the activities that are arranged, particularly the visiting singing gardener.  Mum is shown great care and kindness and so am I, which is much appreciated.   -  L

Really impressed.  Keep it up.   -  N

Mum, ... is having the best of care - she is shown care, love and respect.  As far as we are concerned, she could not be in a better place at this point in her life and we are very appreciative of everyone's' dedication.   - J & N

Dear staff at Crelake.  I had a loverly visit on Monday, visiting my mum in law  C.......  It was loverly to see all the improvements being made.  I think the post office, shop and bar, will be great additions to the life of the home.  I shall look forward to the end results and all your other loverly ideas.  Many thanks to you all.   -  V

2018 - April

To the staff at Crelake -   We would like to thank you for all the wonderful care that our Mum received from you whilst she was at Crelake.  She always told us how happy and fortunate she was to be there.  You were so responsive to our needs too.  We would always come through your front door, unnanounced, and you would cheerfully and patiently accommodete us.  Best Wishes   - G  &  M

“I will continue to shout the praises of your wonderful care home across Tavistock.”        - See below.


Dear Andrew, Maureen and all the staff at Crelake.  Thank you so much for all your loving care of mum during her time living at Crelake.  It was all the little things that counted, like finding time to sit with her, chat, play her music, position her bears, give her a drink when needed & CREAM HER BACK!!  All these things meant that she felt peaceful, at home with you all.  For our part, mum’s physical state when she passed on said it all, her skin still perfect from all your care.

We will always be grateful for your care of both mum & us - the numerous cups of tea, coffee, the biscuits & cake and above all, having time to talk.

Please “raise a glass” to mum & enjoy the goodies (a tree for the garden to follow)

With all our love & best wishes……….J  &  C


Many thanks for looking after dad so well.      – B.G.   


Thank you for your good care.      – J. S.

May 4, 2017 

Lovely to catch up with J……..   today. What a change in this gentleman.  I wanted to say well done to you and the team for supporting him so well through a difficult time. I was really impressed with the senior carer who spent time with us, sorry, I have already forgotten her name already and appreciative of her interest and time. She was very professional, communicative, responsive and lovely with J…….., so respectful and caring. Please pass on my feedback.


I would like to thank you all, once again, for the fabulously wonderful care my dad received since he checked in with you since June 2013. Every single member of your team treated him with love and respect and I cannot tell you what that meant to me and L…….  . I do not like to single anybody out in particular but I have to name Jenny & Jo along with Chantelle and Shelly, but when I say every one, I mean everyone, including kitchen staff, cleaners and maintenance staff.

My sister and I did not have an easy relationship with dad, but your care of him made our last few years with him so much easier because he was as settled and happy as he could be under the circumstances.  He has left more of a hole in my life than I could ever imagined and I will always hold dear our time with Crelake because of the part you all played in that.

Please pass on my thanks to all your staff both past and present.  I will continue to shout the praises of your wonderful care home across Tavistock.  I know this winter has been particularly hard for you all and send my love and best wishes.   C  L  S…...


We would like to thank you and your team for taking great care of mum during her time at Crelake House.

Mum was happy and content in her new home and we would like to congratulate all the staff for the caring and compassionate way they looked after her.   J….& C…..

We always looked forward to visiting mum and invariably enjoyed a friendly welcome from those on duty.  It was apparent that your ladies  were always cheerful and were, without exception, always prepared to go “the extra mile” for those in their charge.


To Jenny and every member of the Crelake team

Your infinite kindness, care and skill resulted in my mum having a very positive last eighteen months of her life.  You all showed her such good humour (and hugs) alongside ensuring she was safe and comfortable (and I cannot fail to include her appreciation of the meals – a real fan).

I am so happy we chose Crelake; all of you contribute to the very real feeling of a caring staff with genuine humanity, good humour and fun.    Thank you so much  L…….. ( daughter)

Please continue with your excellent work in providing a secure and caring home for those in retirement at Crelake House.  We wish you all the best wishes for the future. C….& S……


Maureen & Andrew.  Many thanks for making mums transition to Crelake go so smoothly.  You have created a real “home from home”


Just a quick note to commend the work of Gemma, who was on duty last night and took great care to ensure that my friend P……. was looked after………..  Thank you all for her care and making the transition to being “cared for” rather easier than she imagined.  Kind regards L…..M….


Crelake Care Home is a friendly, helpful, caring & reassuring home.  Crelake is only a phone call away with help when you need them.

Speaking on behalf of our loved one, we have had the comfort of knowing that his care is more than a business.

There is always a caring hand when times are difficult.

Staff always have the time to reassure you, if you have any problems with your loved one, for example eating meals, kitchen staff always come up with another way, however great or small the situation may be.

Staff will always give time to listen, a friendly smile or comfort hand on their arm.   We are pleased to know our loved one is happy at Crelake and receives this loving care.

Crelake Care is a home of answers.

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